Knowledge-Based Computer-Aided Architectural Design


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In recent years architectural CAD researchers around the world have focused their attention on the cognitive aspects of the architectural design process. They have constructed models of design knowledge and reasoning, and developed data structures to represent them computationally. This book contains a collection of reports by a select group of researchers, representing the most significant teams working in the area of knowledge-based systems for supporting architectural design. The papers reflect their work to date, and their forecasts for future developments in this area. The issues discussed in the book concern the theories, methods and the systems implementing them, as well as the role of KBCAAD within the larger professional and technical universe of architectural design.

Editora: Elsevier Science
Midia: Livro
Tema: Arquitetura: modelagem da informação da construção (BIM)
Autores: Gianfranco Carrara, Yehuda Kalay
Idioma: Inglês
Local de publicação: Amsterdam
País: Holanda
Ano de publicação: 1994
Acervo: Não-Circulante