Delivering Construction – Operations Building information exchange (COBie) in GRAPHISOFT ARCHICAD


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This book explains how to deliver and check quality Cobie data during design. Readers will learn where to create Archicad templates to streamline Cobie production and coordinate the work of multiple designers. Improved understanding of Cobie in Archicad will allow readers to: – Provide Cobie as an extension of existing design practice – Develop Cobie templates to streamline high-quality exports – Respond to alternative client Cobie requirements – Demonstrate the quality of your Cobie files – Clearly explain the requirements for Cobie – Justify decisions about Cobie content included, and not included – Communicate Cobie requirements with consultants The authors are the inventor of Cobie, Bill East, and the world-known Archicad expert and Cobie enthusiast, Robert Jackson. The authors developed simulated contract drawings, models, and export files for a small college dormitory. Readers can download these files, free-of-charge, and compare their work with the examples provided.

Midia: Livro
Tema: Arquitetura: técnicas e procedimentos
Autores: William East, Robert Jackson
Idioma: Inglês
Local de publicação: Mahomet
País: Estados Unidos
Ano de publicação: 2016
Acervo: Não-Circulante